CATs Steps to success

CATs Step is a service for learners of all ages and abilities to improve their English language skills in achievable steps, aligned to the internationally-recognised Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

CATs Step is powerful and flexible: available on mobile, tablet, iPad, Chromebook, PC and Mac

Who is CATs Step for?

The CATs Step service provides a simple and cost-effective way of delivering large-scale, nationally-recognised English language accreditation.

School-age learners

CATs Step supports children in primary and secondary school. It gives all children, including those who may need extra help with their English and competent learners who need more of a challenge, a programme of learning that complements their school-work and provides them with extra motivation at the appropriate level.

Older learners

CATs Step Core materials are suitable for beginners or those with some experience of learning English. CATs Step Higher materials enable learners to familiarise themselves with aspects of the culture of English-speaking countries while improving their language skills. CATs Step Higher is ideally suited to students in higher education and workers with more demanding English language needs.

Adults in the workplace

Improving English language skills of learners no longer in formal education can boost their employment and earning prospects.


Parents who want to help with the development of their children’s English language skills are supported by the CATs Step service through guidance notes and extra practice materials.


CATs Step makes it easy for employers to improve the English language skills of their workforce, take advantage of new business opportunities, and participate more effectively in the global economy.


Anyone can follow a CATs Step course to develop their English skills successfully. CATs Step is suitable for beginners or those with experience of learning English.


CATs Step is a simple, affordable solution to the challenge of large-scale English skills development.

World Class

CATs Step has been developed in Cambridge UK, a city renowned for innovation in technology, science and education, by a team of world-class experts in English language teaching and assessment, all with proven track records of developing high quality materials for leading educational organisations worldwide.

All materials are calibrated to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and are quality assured to international standards.


CATs Step breaks down language learning into small, achievable steps. The flexible self-study approach means learners can study at whatever time and place suits them. Learners are provided with all the learning materials and practice they need to improve their English proficiency, and this is recognised when they pass the end-of-level CATs Step test.