External experts say

“Within this assessment landscape, CATs Step offers a unique assessment and learning solution that combines affordability and quality. CATs Step is inclusive in that the tests and learning materials are available at multiple levels and it is accessible since all test and materials are delivered via a mobile app or online.”
(Dr Nahal Khabbazbashi, Senior Lecturer in Language Assessment, The Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA) – the UK’s leading university centre of excellence in language learning, teaching and assessment).

“The CATs Step materials are impressive not only in terms of their extent, but also their range and quality.”
(Dr Lid King, formerly National Director for Languages in England, founder member of the Council of Europe’s Languages Portfolio Validation Committee)

“The development of the measurement system for CATs Step is an example of best practice in the field and is led by experts in the construction of measurement scales that empirically link to the CEFR. The ability of a testing system to test all four skills is an important factor in achieving validity and a positive impact on learning.”
(Nigel Pike, former Director of Assessment, Cambridge Assessment English)