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English has become a basic life skill with transformative benefits for individuals and societies. Research shows a direct correlation between the English skills of a population and the economic performance of the country, and a correlation between English proficiency and the Human Development Index, a measure of education, life expectancy, literacy, and standards of living. As the working language of many international organisations, English gives competitive and economic advantages and facilitates international business and trade.

Here’s how you can use CATs StepCheck

  • To establish baseline regional and national levels of English language proficiency in education and the civil services.
  • To make comparisons between organisations, regions and populations as a current snapshot and over time.
  • To set targets, measure improvement and raise the nation’s standards of English.
  • To make informed decisions about language policy and change in the education system.
  • To help bridge gaps in English langauge access between between urban elites and the rural population.

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